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Palmetto DVD Solutions, Inc, Videotape, CD, & DVD Duplication & Transfer Services, West Columbia, SC


Film Transfer


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Our DVD experts will take your 8mm and Super 8mm film as well as Super 8mm sound film and transfer them to DVD using state of the art equipment. Your precious film will be handled with the utmost care. All film is cleaned and lubricated prior to the transfer process in order to prevent breakage and to remove accumulated dirt and debris. The Telecine Digital Film Projector digitizes each individual frame. This allows for the highest quality transfer and the most enhanced playback experience.  All film transfers include fast forwarding ability and five minute chapter breaks so you can quickly and easily move from scene to scene.
Additional options include the coordination of appropriate background music. This further enhances the viewing experience. You can also opt for a full-motion thumbnail index menu which makes it a snap to find the scene you are looking for.

$0.20 per foot, minimum charge of $40 (add $0.10 per foot, for sound film)


Estimate your film footage

Size of reel  Number of feet
3 inches  50 feet
5inches  200 feet
6 inches  300 feet
7 inches  400 feet